When I was a tot I called my security blanket...which was actually a pillowcase, my "Frau" pillow. The personal etymology is a mystery to me now.  Nor did I know what the word Frau meant at the time...I just said it to describe my unwashed pillowcase.  But what is ironic (and how in the world could I have known at 2 years old?) is that my Frau; (the person I would choose to spend the rest of my life with) would, over time actually become my adult security blanket.  Most of the time, unless it’s just impossible, Cathy will accompany me to auditions, shoots and performances.  She provides the strength and confidence which I tend to lack when going into an unfamiliar environment.  The present day is one of those rare occasions where our schedules just didn’t jive.  I now sit in a hotel at 9PM, six hours from home…A jaunt I started at  Noon today, leaving my niece and nephew playing a game of "Hotbox" that I started with them at my home, then had to leave it to them while I drove through gray ominous clouds and drizzly rain, with a well-timed Astro game on XM...which...thank god, went into extra innings...and without my greatest security blanket…her.  She was here on the previous trip, and so I became somewhat familiar with the “routine” and the friendly faces that this particular production has to offer.  So it’s not as daunting as I make it seem.  Still, when we got here last time it was so festive…on the eve of making magic on a film set…tequila shots, great Cajun food, laughs…This time I’m just tired.  My call is EARLY tomorrow morning.  I have to be in the van headed to the set at 6:30.  So…it’s a subway sandwich instead of voodoo shrimp this time…a little HBO and some sleep, rather than rounds of celebration in neon shot glasses with my lady.  ...well...um...ok, maybe I'll just have ONE on my own, just for the sake of tradition...wink wink...
KWB's Security Blanket


04/19/2010 08:27

When a man raises a son he want three things once the boy becomes a man...Happiness, health and gainful employment. I am fortunate that my son is gainfully employed in the things that gives him so much of his happiness...He's an actor and a really good one...He is an actor because he didn't quit when the going got tough and because he honors his committments...especially to self!!!
Now if we could just get him to quit whining about being all alone with out his binky...oh excuse me...his "frau pillow"...If I was Cathy I'd be hot about being called that!!!

An Actor's proud Dad

05/07/2014 02:31

Thanks for posting that. Sterile forensics is a really very interesting thing.


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