My part in DRIVE ANGRY has long since wrapped and BODY AWARENESS closed  last Saturday night after amazing run.  And just while BUG is enjoying a short scheduled break from the rehearsal process, I GET SICK!  I felt this crud coming on in the final couple of days of BODY AWARENESS and eventually had to overcome the hurdle of a semi-raspy voice on closing night...but now...just in time for my LONG AWAITED break in all the this friggin sickness!  After an audition on Monday, I had plans to hang out with friends and family, swim in the pool, eat BBQ right off the pit and welcome the Summer to come with festive quaffs and whatnot, but instead I stood, coughing and sputtering over a simmering pot of mint, honey and lemon with a towel draped around my head!!! FUN.  I guess I should be thankful.  If this would  happened ANY earlier it would have spelled doom for the projects I was involved with.  Still, I was SO looking forward to having some time AWAY from all the madness.   I guess, the body, or mother nature, or God,..or all three know  just the right time check out for a while and refresh the system.  It's been almost three years since I was sick and I'm not dealing with it very well.  Being a dang baby to tell you the truth. 
Body Awareness Cast and Crew at Strike


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