There will be a time, in the not too distant future, when perhaps I will look back at this moment with great fondness.  At least I’m smart enough or maybe just old enough to be able recognize those occasions now.  Currently, I spend seven days a week at Hyde Park Theatre.  Three at rehearsal for CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION, three in performance for BUG and one long day (Saturday,) where I rehearse during the day and perform that evening.  The short interim I have on those Saturdays between rehearsal and performance has been filled with a meditative walk to New Word Deli followed by their turkey pastrami sandwich and a bowl of tomato-basil soup.  That has been my only ME time for three weeks running.  After I finish my sandwich, it’s back to the theatre to ramp up my Jerry Goss character for BUG.  The effect has been devastating to family functions, get-togethers and holidays (Father’s Day almost became an after-thought.)  The effect on my household has been similarly disturbing…bills are commonly paid with late fees, laundry stacks up, as do the dirty dishes and it has been over seven thousand miles since my last oil change…all things that I usually stay on top of with a fervent overzealousness.  My current schedule is the crescendo to a journey that began 17 months ago;   12 projects now in a little under a year and a half.  This does not include the numerous auditions that occasionally interrupt my schedule.  Be careful what you wish for.  But amongst all the chaos, there is finally an end in sight, and believe it or not…that saddens me. 

BUG has three shows left of its run…one final glorious weekend.  No, it wasn’t the stratosphere ride we enjoyed with KILLER JOE, but nonetheless, an amazing show, with stellar performances, an outstanding crew, an unprecedented set, incredible effects, and its share of sold out audiences and encores.  On closing night just before our last performance, I will lift a silly plastic neon shot glass to all these folks, look them each straight in the eyes, as has been the ritual for 36 performances, and I will say goodbye to these great friends who have become loving family over the course of the past year.  Katie goes to D.C. to act for Woolly Mammoth, Mel goes to L.A., Matt becomes a teacher etc.…We all retreat to different corners of the world to pursue what it is that we think will make us, us.  But future dreams realized or broken or changed or evolved will probably never match the joy of the journey we shared when we were together.  Life goes on.  So be it, but not without a few tears.  And honestly, wouldn’t life suck if there was no event, or person, or experience special enough to shed tears for?            


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