CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION is now two weeks into the run with 3 weeks to go.  Every show but one has sold out so far and the reviews are glowing.  It has been a magical experience; a  potential dream run that is on par with PILLOWMAN, KILLER JOE, and TALK RADIO.  I  had serious doubts that I could pull off this role when rehearsals first started and called Ken Webster to voice my concern.  Without going into the details, I will reiterate a sentiment that I have voiced many times...Ken Webster is not only one talented mo-dee-foe and the Best theatre Director of all time, but is also the best personal acting Mentor I have ever had.  Reassuring, wise, calm and confident...and it's the confident part that I often need help with when I feel like I'm sinking.  The end result is that I have fallen in love with the character I am playing and with each of the 31 scenes in this incredible play.   Getting into Schultz's skin was difficult for me; he is not an alpha male, he is not prone to loud words or acts of bravado to prove his point.  Ariel in PILLOWMAN, Joe Cooper in KILLER JOE and Goss in BUG are characterizations of people I have seen in my life that I greatly admire and would like sharing a beer with, but the scary truth is that the real Ken Bradley is more like Schultz than any of them.  And perhaps that was the problem to begin with.  I didn't want to face the truth.  Many reviews and after show comments have been made suggesting that I am playing against type in Circle Mirror.  Perhaps my physicality supports this argument..but the truth is that I have had to reveal parts of who I am in Circle Mirror that I WOULD NEVER REVEAL to anyone in real just wouldn't be manly!  The long and short of it is that I have grown  as an actor in this role and I have also learned that at 46, you're never immune to learning new things if you will just open yourself up to them.

On a different note I also shot a television advertisement this week. I had originally turned down the audition, thinking that it would conflict with my theatre schedule.  It shot on Thursday and they had me out of there in plenty of time to get, home, get showered, get a teeny nap and get back to the theatre for Circle Mirror that night.  The spot ought to be pretty good.  I felt very good about my work during the shoot and left with the feeling (based on the producer, writer and director's comments) that they were happy with what they got.


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